Tyre Inspection Machine


The inspection spreaders have been designed to facilitate visual inspection of the inside and outside of tyres. Different automatic cycles can be programmed based on the number of revolutions the tyre will complete during the inspection and the travel of the spreading arms.


The required machine is meant to facilitate easy and proper inspection of cured tyre. The logical operation will be controlled by relay logic. AC Motor of desired rating, which will have two speeds, will do the rotation of the tyre. The tyre would be rotated at such level to ascertain complete vision of inner side.

Technical specification

1 Tyres used Truck Tyres/OTR Tyres
2 Min / max. Section: 150 mm. to 380 mm
3 Min/max. Outer diameter: 650 mm. to 1200 mm.
4 Min/max. Rim dia.: 14” to 24”
5 Min/Max. Bead inner width: 100 to 325 mm.
6 Tyre spreading: Joystick controlled motor
7 Tyre rotation: Foot pedal controlled motor
8 Tyre Lifting/Lowering: Joystick Controlled Motor
9 Floor to Floor average output: 20/25 tyre per hour
10 Inspection lamps: Two lamps for the tyre external surface. Two lamps for tyre internal surface fitted on the arms