Inner Liner Wind Up Unit


The dual inner liner wind up station for calendar line is used for automatic winding up of a sheet of calendered liner in CAPTIVE ( Dedicated) and NON CAPTIVE ( Drop in Type) cassettes. These dual wind up units are retrofitted with the existing calendar line running up to 30 mpm speed. Wind up station is designed for stretch free / wrinkle free operation and the product is centrally wound in the liners with uniform tension. The unit includes all necessary mechanical parts, electrical drives, pneumatics and controls.


  • Inlet conveyor
  • Online Cutter
  • Wind up station 1
  • Moveable conveyor
  • Wind up station 2


  • Both Wind up station fully equipped with Liner centering system.
  • Controls are designed to run in tandem with our existing calendar line.
  • Necessary provision is given to run the machine in Manual / Auto mode and there should be a provision to run in Forward / reverse mode.
  • Each wind up unit is synchronized with the calender line so that there is no pull or dimensional changes to the end product.
  • Final product is centered within +/- 2 mm in the Liner and the liner will be perfectly centered in the cassette.