Semi Auto PCI Units


The Post Cure Inflator (PCI) units are used after tyres exit curing presses. The machine ensures appropriate inflation of air into cured tyre for stipulated time, this helps in increasing the life of the tyre and prevents it from deshaping. We supply Post Cure Inflator (PCI) units in all sizes starting from Motorcycle Tyres to Non Standard OTR Tyres.

Each unit can be customized as per clients requirement with different technique of Tyre Loading/Unloading.

Technical specification

1 Movement of Rims The outer PCI rim shall move inside by lead screw driven by a motor through chain and sprockets. This rim shall be mounted on the inner end of the screw with proper locking arrangement as per supplier’s design & approved by Client.”
2 Post Cure Time 0 to 180 Min. through PLC
3 Movement of Rims Through A.C. Geared Motor with Electromagnetic shoe Brake
4 Post Cure Media Compressed Air through Solenoid valve
5 Controls By PLC
6 Brakes Electromagnetic Brakes
7 Nut Aluminum Bronze Material
8 Safety &. Interlock A Suitable interlock to be provided for safe operation by pressure switch and delay Timers (for each tyre)